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Oyster, Brat - Blue (Aloha) - Grain Spawn - Spawn - Asheville Fungi - 1

Oyster, Brat - Blue (Aloha) - Grain Spawn

$ 17.00

(Pleurotus ostreatus)

Our favorite & most productive oyster. This lovely strain of tree oyster from Bratislava will fruit prolifically on just about any wood or straw based substrate.  Color ranges from deep blue to light gray depending on temperature.  An exceptionally productive and delicious cool weather strain.

Fruiting Temps Fruiting Season Inoculation (Season)      Zones 3-7 Inoculation (Season)        Zones 8-10 Tree Species
50-70+ Fall, Winter, Spring Spring, Summer, Fall Fall, Winter, Spring Maple, Tulip Poplar, Alder, Ash, Aspen, Beech


 We are proud to offer high quality grain spawn in two forms:

1.) Grain Masters are first generation spawn (1 Qt) made directly from agar wedges.  They can be expanded many times if proper sterile techniques are practiced.    

2.) Grain Spawn are 2.75 pound bags of second generation grain spawn and can be expanded again or spawned directly to a bulk substrate.  

 For more information check the culture library.   We can make grain spawn from any strain listed. 


*To ensure the highest quality we make spawn to order (avg. turnaround time is 3 weeks for most varieties).  Ordering in advance is recommended. 

Please contact us for accelerated delivery and/or immediate availability.


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