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Reishi, Golden - AF1 - Sawdust Spawn - Spawn - Asheville Fungi - 1

Reishi, Golden - AF1 - Sawdust Spawn

$ 24.95

(Ganoderma curtisii)

The Golden Reishi has a more golden appearance than the red reishi.  It also doesn't have the varnished look that G. lucidum has.  This strain was cloned from a wild G. curtisii in South Carolina.

A common medicinal mushroom, and widely used as an additive to coffee, tea, and other foods as a health-added benefit or functional food additive.

Fruiting Temps Fruiting Season Inoculation (Season)      Zones 3-7 Inoculation (Season)            Zones 8-10 Tree Species
75-90 Summer Spring, Summer, Fall Spring, Summer, Fall Oak, Sweetgum, Maple, Elm

5.5 pounds of pure sawdust spawn, suitable for knocking up logs and stumps.  This spawn is designed to be used with an inoculation tool (sold separately).  Enough spawn to do 30-50 logs depending on length and diameter.

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