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Lion's mane, AF1 Sawdust Spawn - Spawn - Asheville Fungi - 1

Lion's mane, AF1 Sawdust Spawn

$ 11.95

(Hericium erinaceus)

Has a delicate flavor and texture reminiscent of crab meat. Contains novel chemicals that have been shown to stimulate nerve regrowth, making it an important medicine for those with nerve damage. 

This strain is large, fluffy and reliable. Excellent for bag culture. Fruit bodies hold well in cold storage.

Fruiting Temps Fruiting Season Inoculation (Season)      Zones 3-7 Inoculation (Season)        Zones 8-10 Tree Species
50-70 Fall, Winter, Spring Spring, Summer, Fall Spring, Summer, Fall Elm, Maple, Oak, Chestnut, Black Walnut

3 pounds of pure sawdust spawn, suitable for inoculating logs and stumps.  This spawn is designed to be used with an inoculation tool (sold separately).  Enough spawn to do 15-20 logs depending on length and diameter.

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