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Mushroom Cultivation Classes

Mushroom Cultivation Weekend Workshop & Campout

Fascinated by Fungi
not sure where to start?
We got you.

June 11-13 & September 23-25, 2021

Everything you need 

Always wanted to grow your own mushrooms but not sure where to start? Come camp out on our beautiful forest farm for the weekend and go home ready to start growing delicious and nutritious gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

You will learn how to grow fantastic fungi at home whether you live in a city apartment or in a backwoods yurt. You will learn sustainable cultivation techniques that require very little equipment, produce an abundance of mushrooms and help the rest of your garden grow more fully.

What you get

  • Start growing mushrooms at home immediately

  • Feel confident in low-tech methods to grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms including: Oysters, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, King Trumpets and Shiitakes

  • Understand the health and medicinal properties of key mushroom species

  • Instruction Manual (printed and PDF)

  • Take home an inoculated log and a mushroom grow kit that you have created

  • 5 organic, vegetarian, farm-to-table meals (featuring mushrooms of course!)

  • 2 nights of camping on a 30 area forest farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains

And much more

Chris Parker’s 30 years of mushroom cultivation experience and engaging teaching style will answer all your questions, help you feel confident and inspired to put it all into action when you get home.

We will wander through our forest farm looking for wild mushrooms and eat meals featuring delicious fungi and vegetables from our organic garden and other local farms.

Before you go we will show you how to make mushroom extractions so you can forever supply yourself with high quality, health promoting mushroom medicines.

Topics Covered

Outdoor Cultivation

  • Log inoculation (totems, small logs, living rafts, stumps)

  • Garden mycorrhizal (relationship between your garden and edible mushrooms species)

Wild mushroom walk

  • Identification of wild species

  • Cooking with mushrooms

Low-tech Cultivation

  • Cardboard spawn - from wild culture to cultivated

  • Woodchip cultivation - incorporating mushrooms into your landscape

  • Pasteurization - low equipment for intensive production


  • Medicinal mushroom medicine making

  • Double extraction technique


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