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Culture Library

Here is a list of the strains that we offer at this time.  Check out the online store for info on buying any of these strains in plates or spawn.  Many of these strains we have developed ourselves and offered exclusively through Asheville Fungi.

If there is a strain that you are looking for that you don't see on the list below, contact us to see if we have it available for a special order.

For a (PDF) download of the growing parameters for all of our varieties, click here.

Mushroom Species in our Library (18 strains)

(Photo: Phoenix Oyster)

Oyster (5 strains)

  • Bratslavian (Aloha) - Our favorite & productive oyster. Deep to pale blue.
  • Phoenix AF1 - Our own Phoenix.  Very aggressive and productive. 
  • Golden Tristin - Warm weather oyster.  Delicate golden yellow fruits. Excellent biological efficiency. 
  • Pearl AF1 - Our own pearl with nice white clusters.
  • Elm “pseudo-Ulmarius” - Very large pure white clusters with large stems. (Not a true elm)

 Hericium (1 strain) 

  • Lions mane, AF1 - Large fluffy and reliable. Excellent for bag culture. Fruit bodies hold well in cold storage.


 Pioppini "AKA Black Poplar" (1 strains)

  • Atricoz - Direct from Italy. Better than Swordbelt in our opinion (heavier producer). 

King Trumpet (1 strains)

  • Chef's Trumpet - Our favorite strain of King Oyster (AKA King Trumpet). Similar to the KO1 strain.

 Reishi (2 strains)

  • Red Reishi, Aleon1 - Very early to antler, better for bag culture.
  • Golden Reishi, AF1 - Cloned from a wild G. curtissii from South Carolina.

Enoki (1 strains)

  • AF1 - Only available as a plate culture.

Nameko (1 strain)

  • AF1Fruits like mad on grain or bulk substrate. Has a gelatinous cap and a nutty flavor.  Great in stir-frys and in soups.

Maitake (1 strain)

  • AF1 - Cloned from and 84 pound wild maitake.

Chicken of the Woods (1 strain)

  • E3A wild clone (from South Carolina) good for log and stump culture. This strain was found in the same spot in spring, summer, and fall. This 3 season Chicken of the Woods is unique indeed!

Cordyceps (1 strain)

  • militaris K1 (Aloha) - "By far the best fruiting strain of cordyceps we have ever found." - Aloha Medicinals.

Shiitake (2 strains)

  • 75 (Aloha) - A very tolerant and vigorous strain. Excellent for fruiting on logs, stumps or in sawdust. Eats logs and sawdust like nothing you have ever seen.
  • 3782 (Aloha) - Aloha's best fruiting strain. Fruit bodies are the same size as 75, but a heavier producer.


King Stropharia (1 strain)

  • AM4 (Aloha) - Highly sought after. Strongly rhizomorphic.