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Fungi 101

Welcome to Fungi 101!  Here you will find links, articles, and videos that will help you learn the basics of foraging and cultivating.

If you are a complete beginner you should start with our GLOSSARY and learn the terms so that you can understand the rest of our articles.

 If you are interested in Cultivating your own you should check out our CULTIVATION DIY page and our MOST COMMONLY CULTIVATED varieties.

 To find out some of the amazing medicinal benefits and scientific studies check out ARTICLES AND OTHER RESEARCH.

 chicken of the woods

Interested in foraging?  Be sure to check out our page on MUSHROOM FORAGING.  And, check back in the spring to register for one of our FORAGING WALKS.

If you have some specific questions please call us to see if we can help you.  We also offer PHONE CONSULTATIONS & CULTIVATION CLASSES.